Piso Alcala Signature Philippine Flag FIns

Surf and represent your country, that’s the dream of Piso Alcala, to make it to the big league of surfing.

Surf video of Piso Alcala courtesy of Mark Mabanag’s Days of Filth. Like Days of Filth on Facebook, CLICK HERE.

This hardworking surfer from Siargao Island knows how to juggle through those massive Cloud 9 waves. When the forecast is on, we know that Piso is out there taking bombs after bombs enjoying what his home island of Siargao can offer. With the help of his new sponsor, Kudo Surf, his dream of having a sustainable budget  to compete in the big league like the Asian Surfing Championships and World Surf League WQS will soon be a reality.


Piso Alcala. Photo by Tim Hain


Kudo Surf’s surfing lifestyle products are custom designed and built with quality from artists and surfers worldwide. Kudo Surf supports communities in more remote pacific areas to help take people’s dreams to the world stage.

Through surf sponsorship and by assisting artists and athletes, Kudo Surf and it’s community aim to help people with talent get to where they deserve. Designed by Piso Alcala himself, the new signature fin series is one of the key factors that will help Alcala’s dream to be in the big league.


We had a short chat with Piso Alcala about the new Kudo Surf Fins.

MLOB: Tell us something about the Kudo Surf Fins you designed…

Piso: Kudo Surf asked me if I wanted to give an art design for their elite fins. It was the first and only offer given to me to design a surfing product. They believed that I can come up with a good design. I did it because I also believed in quality of the fins.

MLOB: Why did you agree on designing for Kudo Surf?

Piso: I never thought I would have this chance to design so when they asked me, I just went for it. Kudo Surf is also helping me go on tour so they made these fins for me as a way to add more to my travel budget thru crowd funding from selling these fins.


MLOB: You designed the fins with the Philippine flag. What’s the reason for that?

Piso: I designed it with the Philippine flag because it has never been done before. And I also wanted to show that I am proud to be a Filipino. Thanks to my sponsors- Quiksilver Philippines, Kudo Surf, Siargao Inn Resort, Shaka Siargao and Could9 Boardriders, I have a chance to travel to compete abroad and when I do it’s good to have fins that represent the country where I am from. Surfing is my craft and I’m lucky to be born in Siargao Island, Philippines. Having my home break Cloud 9 and country visible in the fins I’m using makes me feel really happy.


Inside the green room. Photo by Tim Hain


MLOB: How are the Piso Alcala signature fins Cloud 9 Elite Series in terms of performance?

Piso: First, the mold of the fins, the shape of it is really good. It’s perfect. They fit my fin plugs so well and they never move when I’m riding. The shape and quality of the material- epoxy are sick. First time I used it, I felt it immediately. The fins really make me “surf with feelings”..haha!

MLOB: What model are you using?

Piso: Medium single tab tri-fin set.


MLOB: Will you recommend it to all types of surfers?

Piso: Yes, surfers of any level of surfing can use my signature fins. These fins are hard to break so they can have these fins for a long time. But mostly, its better for the high level surfers who can already tell the difference in the way they surf when they use my fins to surf with feelings!

Finally, what’s your tip to surfers who want to improve their surfing?

  1. When you’re in the water, just be focused on your ride. Try to review what you did after taking a wave and think where you could improve on.
  2. Watch surf videos of good surfers and just observe how they flow, how they choose a wave, what their style is.
  3. Always keep smiling and have fun. The more you have fun, the more you will surf, the more you will improve.


The Piso Alcala Signature fin set is online available through You can also order via Kudo Surf’s Facebook page,

About Kudo Surf

Australian/Philippines custom surf brand built on a small tear shaped Pacific island. Supplying WSL, Surfing Australia, ASC tour and more. All Kudo Surf products are built with minimal environmental impact and use eco friendly techniques. Stay up to date with new products and designs!

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