Who would have thought that city dweller Andi Eigenmann would find more than just a surf escapade in Siargao?

Moving to the island, away from her busy city life in Metro Manila was not just a getaway for Andi - as her search for happiness led her to Kudo Surf team rider, Philmar Alipayo. Fast forward to now, they have grown together and made this island their home surrounded with friends and family – including a sweet little edition – their baby Lilo.

We recently caught up with the lovebirds to ask them about their usual days and dates on the island.

As Valentine’s Day recently passed by, we got curious about how they spent February 14 on the island. For these two, it wasn’t not about being extravagant. As Andi simply puts it, “We both don’t make a big deal out of Valentine's Day, but this year is special because since having kids, we get to spend time again just the two of us like old times!” This meant a surf-lust getaway while enjoying the simple island pleasures.

Making their day a bit more special, the two were quick to share what they’d like to get one another from our latest Monsoon Collection, Caught At Sea. Philmar chose the Kaylee Paradise Board Shorts for Andi, complimenting on how “it looks great on her”, fit and color wise. Andi, on the other hand, knew in a split second, exactly what her partner would like “the Neptune Board Shorts because he literally always wears it - so he has an extra! Hahaha!”

Our lighthearted chat drifted to their all-time Kudo Surf favorites, “All the wipeout-proof Delilah surfsuits! All the designs are really cute and it’s the comfiest swimsuit I’ve worn for surfing” Andi exclaims. And just as she predicted, Philmar stayed true to the Neptune Board Shorts, “because it's the perfect length for me and it's really stretchable. It makes it easy for me to wear for surfing and even on a normal day.” Further adding how they “both love that it's made from 90% recycled PET!”


This couple just radiates sunshine when they’re together. In our quick chat with Andi and Philmar, it was easy to catch one thing - that by simply enjoying each other’s company and by making each other smile just a bit more, they have everything that they need to make their island life a bit more special.

We’re sharing the love as well!

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Follow their island adventures by following Andi (@andieigengirl) and Philmar (@chepoxz) on Instagram.

Our Delilah Surfsuits, Kaylee and Neptune Board Shorts are all available online ( and at the Kudo Surf Shop, located at Greenhouse Siargao (@greenhouse_siargao on instagram).

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