Celebrate International Women’s Day 2023 with KSBoardriders

This International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate all women, and support women daring to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. 

Here at KSB, we pledge to #EmbraceEquity, championing for diversity and inclusion so that we can strive for gender equality, and a world where women can equally succeed. 

That is why this international women’s day, we want to support the successes of women by spotlighting Filipino women in surfing and showcasing some incredible female-owned brands. 


Women In Water

Competitive surfing for women in the Philippines is relatively new. For example, in Siargao, the men’s contests started 26 years ago, but for women was 15 years ago. There are a lot less female surfers than male surfers, and surfing for women in the Philippines is still an emerging culture. Over the last decade, women in surf have gained more respect from their peers, increasingly competing in contests and numbers of female recreational surfers are growing. It is exciting to see the progress and growth for Filipino women in the water. 

 Nildie Blancada


Nilbie Blancada

Super surfer sisters Nilbie Blancada and Nildie Blancade are a couple of the first female competitive surfers in the Philippines. They are an inspiration for aspiring young surfers across the Philippines, and particularly on Siargao island, their home. In 2008, Nildie won the first international women’s cup in the iconic Cloud 9 in Siargao. Nilbie was the first Filipino surf athlete to win an overseas event, competing in Rote Island in 2016, and becoming the first Filipino to hold number 1 ranking in the Asian Championship tour.


Nilbie Blancada(Siargao) and Daisy Valdez(La Union)

Now, in 2023, there are 10 female Filipino surfers who hold a top 50 ranking in the Asian qualifying series, with Nilbie ranking 7th. The Philippines UPSA also pays male and female judges equally, and rightly so! This is amazing progress, and as the next generation of female surfers enter competitions we hope to see more and more women competing and succeeding with their surf careers….or even just surfing for fun! 

Although there is a rise in women on the surfing scene, we can still do more to #EmbraceEquity. 

We have asked two top female filipino surfers on their views this international women’s day. 

Ana Mae Alipayo, a Siargao local, surfer and business owner, says that we should have more competitions that support and motivate women surfers. She would also love to see women performing maneuvers like airs. 

Vea Estrellado


Vea Estrellado, a lady ripper from Sorsogon, says it is important to respect each other and avoid discrimination.  At the moment, with fewer female surfers, she has a greater chance of winning events. She says there is a great opportunity for the women surfers of the Philippines right now, and more can be done to support women in surf. Vea aspires to win the international cup one day, and inspire and teach other female surfers on doing basic maneuvers and overcoming their fears. 

So, what can you do to support women in the water?

  • Respect all abilities of surfing
  • Cheer on the wahines
  • Watch and engage in women’s contests, support your favorite surfer girls.
  • Advocate for gender equity in the surfing world
  • Take a surf lesson from a female instructor


Here at KSB we want to spotlight some brands owned by amazing women. To celebrate these brands and International Women’s Day, we are introducing a PROMO featuring all the brands mentioned. Have a read, and support a fabulous female-led brand this International Women’s Day. 



Sisstrevolution is a Californian-styled brand created by women for women. Sisstrevolution creates feminine yet functional swimwear and casualwear, and is the perfect one-stop-shop for women who love the water, want to feel good and look good. 

“We are a band of Sisstrs; creators, swell followers and adventure seekers united by our obsession with the sea. She guides our travels, influences our creative, and promises us the ride of our life. We take what she gives with gratitude and give back to sustain her future. Welcome to your Sisstrevolution.” 

Product spotlight: At KSB we adore their boardshorts, and these come in 3 different colors! Functional, yet stylish. We love seeing boardshorts making a comeback for women on the waves. Perfectly paired with a matching bikini top.

Sisstr Shore 2" Boardshort (Sunburn) ₱2,300


Sisstr Solid Bouy Bralette Top (Sunburn) ₱1,500



Aguariva is a swimwear brand by supermom Monika Rivilla, with products lovingly created and produced in the Philippines.

Aguariva founders, Monika & Trina

 This is Monika's story:

“Aguariva is about having fun in the ocean, going on adventures and reconnecting to our wild side. We wanted to make suits that were secure enough to keep up with our active lifestyles. We try to keep our designs effortless and earth-loving by using nylon that was once polluting the planets ocean's/landfills…..

“....What keeps us going is the admiration and inspiration we get from surfing, free diving and spending time in the rawness of it all. We love collaborating with different local artists and growing through this brand as a collective of different women and sharing their stories on our journals.”

Product spotlight: Their elegant bikinis are a must-have, perfect for a day at the beach or a session in the surf

Aguariva Prudence Top | Indigo ₱2,800



Agos is a local swimwear brand created by superwoman duo Ea and Mica, and is inspired by exploring the ocean, specifically, women drawn to water and waves.  The aim of this brand is to support women in and out the water, and the designs let women know they can paddle harder, dive deeper, swim longer.  

Agos was created out of a need for reasonably priced and functional swimwear, and the creators found that this was lacking in the Philippines. 

Mica Ferrer, Cofounder of Agos

Ea and Mica were set on ensuring quality when creating the brand, and carefully handpick fabrics that have the right stretchability, thickness, UPV protection and color. They even tried and tested their suits throughout the design process. Their attention to design means their products are made from performance fabrics, allowing women to express themselves in the water with total freedom.


Agos founder Ea Mendoza enjoys longboarding.

Product spotlight: We love their sporty eco bikinis. The classic silhouette feels like a second-skin and can last even the gnarliest of wipeouts.


Agos Eco Tri Sport Bottom (Dark Gray) ₱2,500


A.T.E Atelier

A.T.E Atelier exists to empower women, and was created by Sanne in Burgos, the north of Siargao. They are a community sewing business aimed at empowering local women and offer free training in needlework, a fair and prosperous workspace and opportunities for women to develop their skills and grow. 


As a result of Sanne’s startup, the ladies at A.T.E are able to handcraft accessories, create homeware items (many of which use recycled plastic!) and supply Siargao island with a sustainable and locally-sourced alternative to many everyday items. 

Product spotlight: ​At KSB we are proud to stock their tote bags in store, lovingly made by the women from north of Siargao. They are a great staple and by sporting one, you support the Siargao sewing ladies. 

You can check out their other offerings on their website


This International Women’s Day, we want to treat all you women out there with a special promotion. Spread the love to these women-owned brands, buy a gift for a friend (or yourself!) and get some goodies.

To join:

1) Buy 1 top and 1 bottom from any of the participating brands and receive a tote bag to support A.T.E Atelier.

2) follow on IG, like the promo post, tag a friend and get a chance to win a tote bag AND Sisstr dress. The winner will be announced on March 13, 2023.


3) Purchase 10k php in a single receipt and get a Sisstr Dress 

***purchase does not include surfboards
***in-store promo only
***while supplies last

Promo period is from March 8 to 12 2023.


Let us all celebrate women this International Women’s Day, support women in achieving their goals and #EmbraceEquity. 

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