Queen Of The Point: The first ever all-lady longboard competition in the Philippines

“There was never many opportunities for women to compete and often, women were kind of the sideshow.”



Enter Queen of the Point – the first ever all-lady longboard competition in the Philippines that’s set to run in La Union from February 16th until the 20th. We talked to Malibu-native Carla Rowland Zamora, the brains and the strength behind this event, on her mission and her hopes for women surfers.

The 33-36 division posing for a photo before they paddle out.

Despite progress in terms of providing equal opportunity to both men and women, surfing is still seen as a male dominated sport. Carla has known this as a surfer growing up on the waves of Malibu in California. From there, she realized the need to provide a unique opportunity for women that was solely just for them.

 Carla Zamora

Since its inception in 2022, Queen of the Point has held events in Malibu and Ventura, both located in Southern California. This time around, she’s bringing it to Philippine shores to also connect with the roots of her husband, famed board shaper Ian Zamora.

 (left to right) Kaila De La Torre, Natsumi Taoka, and Ashlee Lopez.


“The unique quality of Queen of the Point is that it brings together amateur (female) surfers together with professionals. The objective is to build a surf community that is rooted in not just proper surfing and proper longboarding, but also offering heroes and role models to the next generation in order to help perpetuate our sport in a healthy and proactive manner.”

- Carla Rowland Zamora


 Kirra Molnar(AUS) surfing her heat during the Pro division


Finalists for the Pro Division; Hiroka Yoshikawa, Ming Hui Brown, Natsumi Taoka, and Kirra Molnar

Held in the longboard capital of the PH, La Union will host the best FIlipina longboarders, who will then share the waves with some international surfers from Asia and beyond. Suffice it to say, Queen of the Point is a surf event that’s uniquely created by women for women. This event aims to provide a platform to lady longboarders to showcase their skill without being clouded by other events or divisions.

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