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Thunderbolt Harley Ingleby Mid 6 (Orange)

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The Mid6 range has been designed to give maximum mid-length performance in all wave types.
The fine, round pin tail, curvy plan shape, smooth rocker, with a bit of nose flip is equally comfortable turning deep in the pocket or long open-face arcs.
High nose rails through to mid tucked and low hard in the tail, foiled from the centre for a nice balance of drive through sections while maintaining hold through tight turning arcs.
While the Mid 6 fires in everyday surf, it is tuned enough to handle some pretty serious surf comfortably.
Bill has blended the 6 channels perfectly.
They are not so aggressive that they track in turns at all and it’s very easy to break a
line or adjust your arc length anywhere on the wave’s face.
With the channels balanced between your feet, when you push hard through a turn the
response is immediate and the acceleration throughout is like no other board I have ever owned.
The Mid 6 breaks the channel bottom stereotype that they’re only good in clean waves.
It has proven to be good in everything.

Recommended Fins: Thruster or quad fin setups work with six channels for a positive feel.
6’4 - 7’0 the new FCS Harley large mid set is recommended, and the FCS Harley XL quad set is recommended for the 7’6 and 7’10 Mid 6.
Other fin combinations may work well but we’d suggest sticking with medium to large quad rears that have an 80/20 foil combined with any flat foiled large to XL front fins.

5 Fin System

Shaped by Billy Tolhurst


Thunderbolt Technology utilizes advanced materials and technology to decrease weight while enhancing performance, flex characteristics, board control, and durability. Mass-produced epoxy boards are corky and stiff. While light and durable, they simply don’t ride well. But Thunderbolt’s hand-built boards take superior epoxy materials to an entirely different level. These boards provide the feel and sensitivity of a good poly board, but deliver performance far beyond traditional epoxy pop-out constructions. Indeed, those who ride these high-tech epoxy boards claim they actually feel better than polyurethane.

Thunderbolt boards are 100% hand layups. They begin with an EPS foam core with multi-component carbon fiber stringer systems that produce engineered flex and twist for a more lively, responsive performance. Proprietary designs employing internal carbon fiber components are then arrayed in the deck and bottom of the deck for precise flex control and strength.

The core shield PVC provides flexible protection to increase strength and durability without compromising the flex and twist characteristics built into the blank. With ample carbon fiber and fiberglass in the deck, bottom, and rails, these boards both outperform and outlast traditional PU boards and other epoxy designs.





Fiberglass Lamination
Competition Weight & Flex



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