Three Days of July Sale

Legend has it there are three days in July of epic waves, and we hope you got some stoke this month.


This July we are highlighting a Siargao OG surfer, hailed as the sexiest man on the island, and a friendly surfing kuya to all: Mr Manuel Melindo.
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Manuel Melindo, also known as Wilmar, is a coach for UPSA (the United Philippines Surfing Association) and is one of the pioneers of Harana Surf School on Siargao island.
He is sponsored by Fluid Surf, the OG brand of surfing and the longest supporter of the Philippines Surf industry. H
He was born in Siargao, but grew up living in and out of the island while studying in Manila. He was fascinated by the world of surfing, watching some legends ripping on the television and dreamt of going to Hawaii. In 1995, upon finishing high school, he really dove into surfing.
“I did not care about anything else. All I wanted to do was surf, it was my passion. It was never about the money, surfing was the aim”


When he started surfing, Siargao was really quiet with no tourists, and very few surfers, with him being one of them. The island started getting busier around the year 2000 when the international professional surfers came to explore and eventually compete with the support from the local government.


Now, the landscape and culture for surfing in the Philippines is changing. Wilmar says this is because surfing is included in the olympics. Surfers in the country now have goals of competing and aspects like tricks and style are becoming more important.
Siargao island is getting evermore touristic, and the surfing scene is getting more vibrant. Wilmar says that what is important now is ensuring the safety of people in the water, and making sure the good vibes continue.


For the future, Wilmar’s goal is to see the Philippines to be at the top of the global surfing scene, and ultimately to see the team compete in the Olympics. What is lacking now in the Philippines is more events. He wants to see how the surfers from the Philippines improve, so there should be more competitions.
“the philippines is not far off with the skills of other countries, but more can be done to train the new generation of surfers”
Wilmar has some advice for younger surfers, and highlights the importance of focusing on the mental aspect of surfing and life.

“don’t abuse yourself, focus on what you want and your goals. Do what do you need to do to progress and reach the top”



The Three Days of July



The three days of July in Siargao are known as three days of huge swell that will turn up in a mostly small month of July. They are not certain, but typically there are some days in July that the waves have some size.
We asked Wilmar about the three days of July and its origins. When asked “do you believe in the three days of July” Wilmar responded with a grin “you never know!”
He said that three days of July started with an old friend of his, a kite surfer Kyron Rathbone from Australia. Wilmar admired Kyron because he made videos of surfing with his GoPro and shared them on media (Facebook and other forms because instagram did not exist yet).
Kyron made a video “The Three days in July”. This made the 3 day swell famous and a part of Siargao surf culture.


Check out the video here:


And another video on these famous 3 days by Siargao videographer Gaps Sabuero:



Three Days of July Sale
Celebrate July and hope for that three-day-swell with our sale.
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