The Delilah Was Made For Girls Who Rip

The Delilah

The first thing you noticed about the Delilah was the watercolor print and the dark blue hues reminiscent of the rainy tropics. Kathrin Grabher hand-painted the patterns before digitizing them to evoke a unique charm to the suit. She took inspiration from the palm fronds and other objects that got washed ashore during the stormy season in Siargao.

The Delilah is not your average surf suit. It is made of a thin, moisture-wicking neoprene material made of 84% micro-polyester and 16% spandex yielding in a super soft and versatile material that feels like second skin. It is the same type of fabric used in the Seea C-skin suits but more suited for Philippine weather. The Delilah can provide protection from chilly winds during the rainy days and still be cool and comfy enough to wear during the sunny days. 

In the water, the Delilah worked her true magic. The suit seemed to glide along with the body. It stayed on throughout the deepest of duck dives and the worst of wipeouts. It was a delight to surf in a suit that made you feel more confident!

‘Practical and sexy’

We caught up with Kudo Surf team rider Debie Gumanoy during the final leg of the Philippine Surfing Championship Tour in Cabugao, Ilocos Sur. Debie competed in the Women’s Longboard Open division and she said that surfing in the Delilah gave her an advantage. “Surfing [in the Delilah] was so comfortable; it almost felt like the suit wasn’t there!,” exclaimed Debie. She also remarked about how easy it was to move while wearing the suit and that both the cut and the fit increased her range of movement. “I [also] like that I can wear the Delilah even when I go out. I just put on a cute pair of shorts over it and I’m ready to go anywhere,” added Debie. True enough, the hand-painted print and the flattering collar create a practical yet sexy look for both day and night.

Simply put, the Delilah was made for girls who rip. If you want to feel confident during those deep bottom turns or if you want to look stylish as you walk to the nose of a longboard, you’re better off surfing in the Delilah.

The Delilah surf suits are now available in the Kudo Surf Shop located inside Greenhouse Resort in Siargao.

You can also order the Delilah online.

by Camille Pilar

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