It’s that time of the year, and the national surf tour is coming up.


Hosted by NextGen and organized by UPSA, the surf competitions of 2023 will allow surfers from all over the Philippines to showcase their skills, and have the opportunity to improve their national ranking.


Surfers with the highest ranking can make it to the Philippines surfing team and compete internationally.


Here are the top 5 ranking athletes from 2021-2022


Men’s Shortboard

  1. Noah Arkfeld
  2. John Mark Tokong
  3. Jay-R Esquival
  4. Neil Sanchez
  5. Remar Magaluna


Women’s Shortboard

  1. Vea Estrellado
  2. Nilbie Blancada
  3. Dianne Nogalo
  4. Daisy Valdez
  5. Susan Escanilla


Men’s Longboard

  1. Jomarie Abueza
  2. Jay-R Esquival
  3. Marven Abat
  4. Benito Nerida
  5. Roger Casugay


Women’s Longboard

  1. Aping Agudo
  2. Daisy Valdez
  3. Vea Estrellado
  4. Ashlee Lopez
  5. Antoinette Valdez


Here at KS Boardriders, we will be providing you with the hottest updates on the Philippine Surfing National Tour, so you can keep an eye on the progress of your favorite surfers.


Here are the locations for the upcoming UPSA competitions


So far, the confirmed dates are:


Pagudpud, Sept 1 - 8

Calicoan, Sept 14 - 21

Borongan, Nov 24 - Dec 1

Cabugao, TBC

Baler, TBC


FAQs and registration is available via this link:


Other than the UPSA contests, there are some other contests coming up where Philippine surfers can practice competing, network and have the chance to win cash prizes.


Here are other contests running in the Philippines this 2023:


Pacifico Open Surfing Competition, Sept 29 - Oct 1

Majestic Surfing cup, Sept 29 - Oct 1

Kasanggayahan Surfing Competition (Sorsogon), October 11 - 13

Lanuza Surfing Festival, November 12 - 18


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