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This father’s day we want to celebrate anyone who is a fatherly figure. This could be your dad, uncle, teacher, coach, or anyone who has been like a father to you! 

Being a father is no easy job!  Pro surfers Marama Tokong and Philmar Alipayo (Chepoxz) can tell you just that, and what it's like being an athlete and a father. 

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Two Pro Surfers On Fatherhood

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, we managed to catch Chepoxz and Marama for a quick chat before they headed out to El Salvador for the World Surfing Games. With their kids playing around us, we had a chat about what it's like being a father and a professional surfer. 

Chepoxz (in between his son Koa running to him and grabbing fries) expressed that things have been so different since before being a father to now. Having kids inspires him to do better, and he is more inspired than ever being a father. 

Marama also said that having a daughter pushes him to do well in contests and in life. She gets him out of the house and wants to surf all the time. Both of their kids are becoming aware of their profession, and even say they want to be pro surfers one day. 

Whilst being a father is an inspiration for them both, being athletes means that there are also some challenges. Marama is currently in the Challenger Series, and he expects to be away for a while, not have much time to spend with his daughter, and not knowing when he can come back to Siargao. 

“It is a sacrifices being away, but I am also stoked that I can pursue my dreams of one day being in the world tour”

For Chepoxz,  being a dad impacts his ability to leave and do competitions because he is thinking about his children. Communication while abroad is really important with his family, but it's hard to find a balance with much-needed focus during contests.


In between balancing life as fathers and surfers, they still manage to support their children in their day-to-day lives, and have even expressed how surfing has made them better fathers, with lessons they can pass on to their kids. 

Marama wants to share the skills he learned in his contests not just to his daughter but the whole surfing community. Whatever Olive wants to do, he wants her to have fun, go surf if she wants, keep doing what she loves. He wants her to know that sometimes it's not going to go her way, something he experienced as an athlete, a job he says that is 90% mentality over physicality. 

Marama and Philmar are really good friends too and they can share their experiences with each other. Their unique understanding of being both athletes and fathers allows them to have a support system in each other. Being a father is no easy job, so we applaud all you father’s out there! 


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