Saving the Ocean with Each Collection

As a surf brand, our passion for the ocean translates into our production. As surfers, we believe in making the ocean safer for future generations by doing our part today. All Kudo Surf apparel, including our new range of boardshorts, surf suits, and bikinis, are made of environmentally mindful materials such as organic cotton, regenerated Econyl™ yarn, and recycled plastic bottles. Read about the materials that go into our products and know what it takes to make a difference.  

Why Kudo Surf Uses ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon Material  

When we talk about plastic pollution, we often think only of single-use plastic items such as plastic bags, takeout coffee cups, and the turtle-choking plastic straw. However, these items aren’t the main cause of plastic pollution. The real menace lies in ghost nets - fishing nets that have been discarded after they’ve been used for commercial fishing. Based on a study used by the National Geographic, 46% of the garbage in the sea is composed of ghost nets and old fishing gear. 

This is where ECONYL® regenerated nylon is revolutionary.  ECONYL® regenerated nylon is an innovative and sustainable material made from regenerated nylon waste. Recovered nylon from old fishing nets, plastic discards, and fabric scraps are turned into  ECONYL® regenerated nylon, a high-quality yarn that can be turned into new products. 

Kudo Surf boardshorts, bikinis, and surf suits are now made from revolutionary  ECONYL® regenerated nylon. With our surf wear, you don’t only get the comfort and quality that you deserve, you also help free the world from waste. Shop our  ECONYL® regenerated nylon collection now.

Read more about Econyl here


Why Kudo Surf Turns Old Plastic Bottles into Boardshorts 

You can’t be a good surfer unless you’re good for the environment. Surfing opens up a soul connection with the sea and that just makes you a kinder human being. You start to care. At Kudo Surf, we’ve been caring about our natural playground since day one. We work to provide you with mindful products that can help you do your part too. Our boardshorts and walk shorts for men are made of 90% recycled plastic bottles. By using recycled plastic waste, we are lessening our impact on the environment through decreased use of raw materials and petroleum-based polyester. We want to give consumers better options by also promoting better production practices in the industry as a whole.


Why Kudo Surf Uses Organic Cotton

 One of the guiding principles of our brand is envisioning a present that will serve the future. We veer away from fast, cheap, and destructive practices; instead, we build products that are sourced responsibly and produced mindfully. This is why Kudo Surf uses organic cotton for men’s shirts and women’s tops. 

Did you know that most of the surf shirts in the market are made of plastic? Polyester is a petroleum-based fiber that will not degrade - ever. We’d like to introduce alternatives that are of better quality without harming the environment. Producing and harvesting organic cotton uses less water and energy than traditional cotton. Moreover, harmful chemicals and pesticides are not used in any stage of the cotton production process, making organic cotton safer for humans, animals, and the environment. Now that you know this, would you really still go for plastic fashion? We can be stylish without sacrificing what’s good for the future. Make the switch to organic cotton apparel today.

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