Roger Casugay Surfs in Mexico, First International Surfing Competition in Two Years

Roger Casugay Surfs in Mexico, First International Surfing Competition in Two Years
San Juan, La Union surfer, Roger Casugay, has been invited to the Mexilogfest, the prestigious logging tournament held in the Pacific-facing coastal town of Sayulita in Nayarit, Mexico. The competition runs from April 19-28, 2022, and will be the 7th time the world’s best loggers will slide it out amidst the week-long music and art festivities.
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Siargao sliders Aping Agudo and Rafael Nogalo have also received invites to previous Mexilogfests. Meanwhile, Filipino-Australian surfer Josie Prendergast has competed in the Mexilogfest as well.

Grassroots: growing world-class talent at home
“Good Vibes Only” is the banner message of the Mexilogfest website, a headline befitting a global audience eager to fight the doldrums of pandemic fatigue. Where did the last two years go? For Roger and the rest of the Philippine National Surfing Team, no time was wasted as rigorous surf training still prevailed in their daily routines.
The United Philippine Surfing Association (UPSA) started the Pilipinas Surfing Grassroots Development Program to better prepare the next generation of local surfers by teaming them up with current Philippine Team players and coaches as they exchanged exercise drills and participated in structured surf video analysis sessions.
The program includes a mobile training camp called the Grassroots Caravan, where Philippine Team members like Roger can go around different surfing communities to train with surfers from all over the country. The professional level of surf training has already reached the northern surf towns of La Union, Baler, and Cabugao while the Siargao and Samar teams have spearheaded training units in the south.
Aside from improving each surfer’s skills, the Grassroots Development Program also aims to train more confident and formidable competitors by leaving them with technical surf competition knowledge and experience.
What other international surfing competitions will our Philippine Surfing Team join this year? Stay tuned for updates!
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In the meantime, please follow the Mexilogfest on Facebook and Instagram. Roger surfs in Heat 11 of the Men’s Round 1 at 2:00 pm, Wednesday in Sayulita, or 3:00 am Thursday in Philippine Time.
Roger Casugay would like to thank the Philippine Sports Commission, the United Philippine Surfing Association, the Philippine Surfing Championship Tour, the Philippine National Government, the Mexilog Fest, and all his sponsors, family, and friends for making this dream possible. 


the Mexilogfest website for more details on the competition.
Check the Mexilogfest IG for live updates heat results.

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