Piso Alcala Wins the 11th Aurora Surfing Challenge

piso alcala wins balerPhoto by Gaps Sabuero

The 11th Aurora Surfing Challenge was done in memory of one of Baler’s first local surfers, Edwin Namoro, and it was Siargao powerhouse, Piso Alcala, that took home the title for this year’s commemorative event.

In an epic final heat held in Sabang, Baler, Piso outshone fellow Siargaonon PJ Alipayo and Baler locals, Mark Espinosa and Jefferson Dela Torre, with the latter representing La Union.

Piso was born in Barangay 3, General Luna. While the area offered little commerce, it brought him close to an abundance of world-class waves. Cloud 9 was his training ground for nearly two decades and mastering such a heavy spot gave him a hefty advantage in both local and international surf competitions.

Making the WSL world circuit

piso wins in baler 2Photo by Gaps Sabuero

The 3-time Cloud 9 International Champion has received support from Quiksilver and local entities such as the Cloud 9 Board Riders, Siargao Inn and Shaka Bowls. Last year, Kudo Surf provided additional support to help Piso get one step closer to his dreams of joining the WSL world circuit. 

Kudo Surf launched a professional surf coaching program for its riders and the results have begun to show. Along with Piso, current ASC Women’s Champion, Nilbie Blancada, and the Escoltura brothers have received professional assistance from Kudo Surf.

“We are dedicated to supporting the surfers of Siargao and to helping them show their international talent,” says James O’Donnell, the founder of Kudo Surf.

With the official start of the Philippine Surfing Championship Tour looming ahead, Piso is positive that the country’s first professional surfing circuit will be good for his future and for surfing in the Philippines as a whole.

“It’s a great opportunity for Filipino surfers to show their skills in surfing. This is a good opportunity not only for me but for the entire Filipino surfing community,” says Piso when asked about his thoughts on the PSCT.

He adds that the national circuit will also be a good way to promote other surf spots aside from his hometown.

The world’s first surfing Olympics event in Tokyo is just a few years away, and kickstarting the professional tour in the country is the best way to gear up for this historic event. Piso is hopeful that more surf companies will extend their support toward local surfers so they may gain the confidence and skills needed to compete at an international scale.

Designing the best surfing fins

Piso is also involved in the research and development behind KS Fins, which are made with high-quality epoxy and Australian technology. After testing various templates in the water, Piso was able to release his signature fins, which proudly carry the colors of the Philippine flag.

piso alcala signature finsPhoto: My Life On Board

Kudo Surf wishes Piso the best of luck in 2017 and will continue to provide him with the support needed to fulfill his dreams. Go get em, ‘So!

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