International Earth Day 2024

April 22 is Earth Day. Whilst it is important to take care of our planet the whole year round, this day is a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability, encouraging us to come together and take action for a healthier planet and brighter future.

What does this mean for us, the community of surfers? As ocean lovers and swell seekers, it is our responsibility to ensure our oceans are clean, safe and to protect marine life. That way we can make sure that we can all be stoked with our surf for years to come. This is incredibly important for a country like the Philippines, made up of islands and which is vulnerable to negative impacts of climate change.

This Earth Day, we want to update you all on our practices at Kudo Surf to minimize harmful environmental impacts and bring light to other sustainable surf brands that champion protecting the planet. To celebrate Earth Day 2024 and those brands that are doing their part for the environment, we have a promotion and a giveaway. Keep on reading for more. 



At Kudo Surf, we have invested our time and focus on sustainable materials to create quality, functional and eco-friendly gear for those who share the same passion for surfing and the environment. 

We use fabrics that take materials that are typically harmful to the environment and repurpose them into our surf gear. We also use organic fabrics wherever we can. Here are some of the materials that we use for our products


Ensuring our oceans are clean is important for surfers, and we do our best at Kudo Surf to use materials that take waste from the sea and make them into something useful for the surfing community. 

Kudo Surf rash vests are made from revolutionary ECONYL® regenerated nylon, an innovative fabric created from ocean waste such as fishing nets and fabric waste. 

46% of garbage in the sea is composed of ghost nets and old fishing materials. Specifically, The Philippines, islands are subject to large amounts of waste due to strong gusts of wind drawing in trash from afar. By taking this waste from the sea, repurposing into new fabrics and creating more conscious surf gear, we do our bit to clean our oceans.

For more information on ECONYL® visit

Shop KS Flow Swoop Rashvest here:

Aquasolit Packaging 

As surfers, it is our duty to protect marine life, and when you buy Kudo Surf, you can rest assured that waste and negative environmental impacts are minimized. 

We use water soluble, biodegradable packaging for all our products called Aquasolit. Aquasolit is made from Polyvinyl alcohol and starch, two biodegradable polymers. This packaging is non-toxic and dissolves in water. Aquasolit causes no harm to animals, the environment and humans. That means if any of our bags end up in the ocean, they are safe for marine life. 

For more information on Aquasolit visit

Organic Cotton 

Where possible we use 100% organic cotton. Currently, it is not possible to use organic cotton on all cotton products, but we do our best where we can. Many of our tees are made out of 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is harvested without any pesticides or chemicals that are harmful to the environment. This makes it a more friendly option clothing material option. 

Recycled P.E.T

At Kudo Surf, we’ve been doing our best to take care of our natural playground, and we work to provide you with mindful products that can help you do your part too. Many of our boardshorts and walk shorts are made of 90% recycled plastic bottles. By using recycled plastic waste, we are lessening our impact on the environment through decreased use of raw materials and petroleum-based polyester. We want to give our customers more sustainable options by promoting better production practices in the clothing and surfing industry.


Our latest collection “On the Rise” utilizes recycled plastic bottles, just like we did in our past collections. Be a sustainable surfer and check our new collection here:


At Kudo Surf Boardriders, we stock a range of brands that put sustainability and the Earth at the forefront. To celebrate Earth Day, we have a promotion to support these brands and allow you to treat yourself to some eco-friendly goodies. 

From April 22-26 we will be offering 5% off (IN-STORE AND ONLINE) the following brands: Kudo Surf, Vissla, Sisstr, Slater Designs, Firewire, SEEA , Magwai, Surf Organic, Human Nature

*not including surfboards


At Kudo Surf we do our bit where we can to use organic, recycled and environmentally-friendly materials. We also minimize waste through using biodegradable packaging on all our products. 

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A brand  for creators and innovators, lovers of the seven seas, it is no wonder that this internationally recognised surf brand implements that latest eco-friendly fabric technology for their surf gear. Their products use organic cotton, hemp and even coconut fibres. 

Shop Vissla here:


A female-focused brands for swell seeking ladies. Sisstr crafts surf proof swimwear made out of repreve fabric (recycled, high quality performance fiber) 

Shop Sisstr here:


Slater Designs

A surf brand created by the GOAT himself, Kelly Slater. Of course the world’s number one surfer will be conscious about the ocean and the environment. That is why he has created a range of surf accessories that create less damage to our seas. 

The Slater Designs/Revolve Eco-Leash incorporates a number of unique features that have dramatically reduced its carbon footprint in comparison to other leashes on the market, including a 20% recycled content urethane cord, Yulex cuff, and 100% recycled PET bottles used to make the ankle strap, rail saver webbing, and woven labels. By using Yulex Slater designs have reduced CO2 emissions by 80% compared to a conventional leash cuff, and the use of post-consumer plastic lowers energy consumption by 3,000 BTUs per leash, which qualifies it for Eco-Leash certification by Sustainable Surf.

Support the eco-system by giving back using the Slater Designs Front Foot Traction. Made from a collaboration with BLOOM foam, this pad has been processed using algae biomass that has been harvested from freshwater sources throughout the world reducing the suffocating algae and recirculating fresh water back into the environment.

Shop Slater Designs here:

*discount is not applicable to boards



Firewire traction pads use BLOOM, a high-performance flexible foam made from algae biomass harvested from freshwater sources throughout the world. This has many benefits for the environment such as helping improve the quality of waterways by removing excess algae that harms marine life and animals that rely on the ecosystem for survival. 

Shop Firewire here:
*discount is not applicable to boards


Designed by women, for women, SEEA  creates functional, design forward swimsuits that are meant to perform well in the ocean, so you can do what you love with confidence.

SEEA puts  into action their  vision to bring the supply chain back into balance with the planet by intentionally selecting better materials, and developing close relationships with their  local manufacturing partners. 

SEEA uses mindful materials. They use recycled C-Skin which is made of recycled polyester and spandex. Neoprene (which typically wetsuits are made from)  is harmful to the environment, and SEEA crafts  their wetsuits from Yulex, environmentally approved material made out of rubber trees. 

Shop SEEA here:


Magwai towels are made from recycled plastic bottles. Their towels are also absorbent and quick-drying as a bath towel. It fits standard yoga mats, so you can take it with you as a yoga towel in your journey to mindfulness. It’s light and compact to fit in perfectly with your travels.

Buy Magwai towel here:


Human Nature

Human Nature is a Filipino brand pioneering effective, safe and natural products. Each product is 95% natural and has no harmful chemicals linked to health risks. Human Nature does not test on animals and is vegan-friendly. We stock a range of their products from natural sun screen to insect repellant. 

Buy Human Nature here:

Surf Organic

Surf Organic Wax is a high performance, non-toxic board traction. This wax has a soy wax base that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


To celebrate Earth Day even more, we are holding a giveaway. Visit our instagram and follow the mechanics above on this post to enter. 

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